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Book launch for ‘Towards a Theology of Church Growth’

A new volume produced by CCGR staff is shortly to be launched. Towards a Theology of Church Growth is the product of a conference organised by CCGR (for more info, see here). It consists of chapters by senior scholars from a wide theological spectrum – including Prof. Alister McGrath, Sr. Benedicta Ward, Prof. C. Kavin Rowe and Rev Dr Graham Tomlin. Together, they offer a nuanced theological justification for the importance of numerical church growth within Christian theology. There will be book launch events on 26th May (6.15pm, St Johns College, Durham) and on 8 June (5pm, St Mellitus College, London). All are welcome to these events. For more info about the book launch events, please contact Revd Dr David Goodhew at [email protected]

For more information about the book, go to: