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Church Growth and Decline in Contemporary London

Church Growth and Decline in Contemporary London

The Centre for Church Growth Research in partnership with the University of London’s Institute of Historical Research organised an academic colloquium on church growth and decline in contemporary London. The one day colloquium was held at the Institute’s rooms in Senate House, off Russell Square, London, on Friday 2 May 2014.

London has seen both dramatic church growth and significant secularisation in recent decades, developments intricately bound up with the wider development of London as a global city. This interdisciplinary conference offered an opportunity to study growth and decline across the city, as case studies of particular districts and churches and from a wider perspective – through the eyes of the renowned scholars David Martin and John Wolffe.

A copy of the conference programme can be found here. Additionally, abstracts of papers presented at the conference can be found here.

The papers from the conference have subsequently been published as an edited volume: The Desecularisation of the City: London’s Churches, 1980 to the Present (Routledge 2018).